What Teachers Say About Learning on Stage School Shows!

Thank you so much for the great performance. We loved it ! – B. Pamilca

We had a blast !    –  Sra Marti Wensel

The performers did a wonderful job keeping the students engaged and interested.   –  J. Maxwell

I felt this was a great show. The Latin music has a beat that appeals to different cultures.  – G. Benitez

The students loved being able to participate in learning the dance.  – S. Bolt  

Very knowledgeable and fun.  – K. Niedzwiecki

The student involvement was great. – Anna Marie Dolce

Viva Flamenco was awesome and the speaker was great. Really good information. Liked how interactive. – G Guzman

Very interactive, very informative, very fun !!  –  D. Abbott

Great variety of musical styles from Latin America. Lots of fun and high energy ! Thank you! Gracias  –  K. Balaschi

Great interaction with the audience. Performers were very talented. – L.Burgess

It was nice to have actual Spaniards dancing flamenco  –  W.Witt

Fun, interactive. My kids really enjoyed it !  –  K.Grahsler

Top quality performers! – C. Wilcox

Wonderful “feast” for the eyes and ears!. The students enjoyed it ! – Barbara Nelson

The show was great !. The audience participation was great ! – A. Mirabel

Great audience participation ! – E.Owens

Excellent venue. The performers were superb. – M Ward

Flamenco dancing was awesome! – E. Toto 

Excellent talent. Very much like being in France – M. Lathrop 

Authentically based performances. YES! – M. Dancause 

African dancing – amazing ! – V. Siegal

Everything was wonderful. Thank you ! – S. Alvarez

Thank you for a great show ! – K. Shea  

Authentic ! Students got to experience a cultural event. – M. Byers    

Dancing and music were amazing ! – R. Seder  

It was very professionally done and well explained for our students. – J. Solis   

A great experience ! – B. Habib  

Loved it. – J.M. Breen  

What a wonderful performance ! – N. Taylor !

I loved it ! The quality of the music was great. It was France for me. – E. Winterhalter 

A quality program. – B. Johnson 

Excellent setting, venue, repertoire, quality of music. – R. Wolf

Excellent venue. The performers were superb. – M. Ward

The audience participation was great. – A. Mirabal

Thanks for doing a great job. – B. Gunn