Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not found below, please email your question to with your email and cell number. We will respond promptly.

Reservation can be made up to the date of the performance provided the seats are available. Please email, for approval, if you are planning to make reservation close to the performance date. Otherwise, please fill out the online reservation form at

Each venue has two different shows each day. The cost to attend a single show is $19. The cost to attend both the shows is a “Special Two Show Package” of $25, only  $6 above the one show price.

A limited number of teachers of the participating students are offered free admission. To receive the Free Teacher Admission, the lead teacher needs to complete the “Free Teacher Form” to provide the names of the free teachers and relevant information. The Free Teacher’s Form can be completed online at .

Payment is due within four weeks after making the reservation or two weeks before the show date, whichever comes first.

Payment is not due at the time of making the reservation.

If payment is not received on the scheduled payment date, the reservation will be held on a space availability basis ONLY.

We can bring any of our shows to your school on any date or time.  For more information, please email with your name, school name, school address, email and cell number and we will get back to you. The cost is the same as making a One Show Reservation (visit Reservations at The length of the show and date/time is tailored to your needs. A minimum of 300 students is necessary to perform a school show.

Payment should be made by ONE check, payable to “Learning on Stage” and mailed to:

Learning on Stage,
405 Waltham Street, Suite 394
Lexington, MA 02421.

No individual tickets are issued. One “Group Admission Ticket Voucher” will be sent to the Teacher making the reservation, after payment is received.

The payment MUST be made by one check, not checks of individual students participating. There is a $50 processing fee if individual student checks are mailed as payment.

Most shows are about 60-70 minutes long. Typically, the first show starts at 9:45 am and the second show at 11:30 am

Yes, after receipt of payment, a link to the guide will be emailed to you along with the receipt.

Please see the Refund and Cancellation policy on the Reservations page.

Please contact the theatre directly as each theatre may have a different policy.

Yes. However, payment is due before the tickets are sent.

Learning on Stage shows are available in many states